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We are a wholesale and retail nursery open to the public. Plant Tech carries all of your landscape needs.

Landscape Design

Our licensed landscape architect specializes in Residential and Commercial Landscape Design.

Chemical Information

Plant Tech carries weed chemicals and fertilizers. We are your chemical information source in Baton Rouge.

Trees & Shrubs

Plant Tech specializes in shrubs, trees, annuals and perennials. Special orders are available.


Plant Tech delivers to Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. Call to schedule your delivery today.

Soil & Mulches

Plant Tech carries soil and a variety of mulches, including cypress, cedar and pine.

Gardening Tools

Plant Tech carries a variety of gardening tools, from rakes to wheelbarrows.

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Hints For Maintaining Your Newly Installed Landscape

There are a few important steps in maintaining your new garden. Follow these steps to insure your beautiful landscape stays beautiful.

Four Easy Steps

  • Regulate Water
  • Reapply Dimension every 3 months
  • Maintain a 2″ layer of pine straw or mulch
  • Watch plants flourish

Turn your home into a garden

How to make new flower beds

Step 1

Lay out garden hose in the shape you want your beds made.

Step 2

Take your shovel and cut out the bed making a trench.

Step 3

Remove all grass, grass roots and weeds in the flower bed area.

Step 4

Till up existing soil 8 – 10″ deep.

Step 5

Add 4″ – 6″ of garden soil, then till up existing soil and new soil together.

Step 6

Sprinkle a pre emergent herbicide and a granular fertilizer 12.6.6 nursery special.

Step 7

Lightly till it all up together, existing soil, new soil and chemicals in top three inches.

Step 8

Rake bed smooth and your ready to plant.


Step 9

Plant plants high, leave about 2″ of top of root ball out of the ground.

Step 10

Come back with 2 inches of pine bark mulch or pine straw.


Step 11

After you finish planting you can apply amaze on top every three months to help control weeds.

Step 12

Fertilize every three months from March, June and September.


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