Now is the time to get in your yard

Fertilizers, Insecticides, Herbicides and Pre-Emergents

The most important thing you can do for your lawn is feed it!.
A well-fed lawn can better withstand heat, cold, drought, mowing, foot traffic and other stresses. Feeding your lawn in the spring strengthens roots and provides a good start for the heavy growing season.

****If you sprayed your weeds in January fertilize your yard with the Plant Tech spring step 1
Lawn Weed and Feed is also available at Plant Tech
Apply a weed and feed product AFTER you have cut your lawn twice.


Feed your plants, they are hungry!! We recommend a slow release 13.6.6 on all your trees and shrubs. If your plants show signs of Lichen, a mossy gray fungus on the bark, FEED THEM! This is a sign of stagnant growth and no fertilizer.

Stop weeds and bugs before they happen

Dimension is a pre-emergent herbicide that prevents weed seeds from germinating in your flower beds and lawn. Apply to your existing beds every three months year round for best results.

Bug Blaster is a granular insecticide that should be applied to your flowerbeds and yard to keep out most bugs and insects. Controls Fleas, Fireants, Ticks, Mole Crickets, Chinch Bugs  and many more.
-Prevent SOD WEB WORMS before they destroy your lawn.

Spring Annuals, Perennials and Vegetables

Available mid-March

Time to Prune your Camellias

Cut when they are done blooming and apply a slow release fertilizer.

Please check out our March newsletter, and contact us if you have any questions about these products.


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