Fall Color Options


We have plenty of options for fall bedding plants.





-Pansies are a strong winter annual with large blooms, 6-8” tall.

-Panola is a cross between Pansy and Viola, also growing 6-8” tall

-Viola: low maintenance, fast bloomers

-Snapdragons bloom fall and spring. Tall and Dwarf varieties available.

-Cabbage and Kale are low maintenance

-Dianthus provide great height: 8-10” tall

-Verbena are a trailing ground cover

-Columbine– provides color in spring

Calendula, Erysimum, and Dusty Miller also available.


4” Flats of 18 plants and individual 6” available


Now that the weather has cooled off; you can spot treat your lawn for weeds. Use Weed Free Zone to treat the most common lawn weeds.
Clover, Lespedeza, Poison Ivy, Purslane, Ragweed, Spurge, Virginia Buttonweed……..the list goes on and on!

Seasonal plants are heavy feeders and are susceptible to a broad range of soil borne diseases.

Treat and prevent these diseases while you fertilize!!


Fertilizer & Fungicide

Available at Plant Tech


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