— Fall Color NOW available—

Keys to seasonal color success

Fertilizer (19-13-6) and Fungicide = SUCCESS

If you haven’t put out your Pre-emergent herbicides (Dimension) in your beds and lawn, apply it now!!


Snapdragons: Tall, Dwarf, and a new variety of trailing snapdragons
Petunias: Madness (upright) and Wave (trailing) petunias.
Dianthus: Bouquet, Telstar and Amazon dianthus

We pride ourselves on providing healthy, locally grown plants with a strong root system. Our green house employees plant continuously, providing fresh crops weekly. To view our entire catalog click on our link below.

Check our weekly availability posted online at and call to reserve your favorites.
Additional Varieties COMING SOON– Pansy, Viola, Cabbage, Alyssum and more!

PRUNING: Now is the time to cut back your knock out roses.


We prune ours 3 times a year. When you prune, leave foliage below the cut. This allows the roses to flush out, become full and bloom more. After you prune apply a 12.6.6 fertilizer.

Winterize your lawn
Winterizer- Fall Application. 5 . 5 . 25

A fall application of fertilizer helps your lawn recover from summer stress and prepares the turf for dormancy. A high level of Potassium promotes hardiness, root growth and improves turf health for the winter. This product combines traditional controlled release and activated bio-solids to provide a complete lawn food. One bag treats 2700-3500 sq. ft.

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