Heat tolerant plants


You still have options for seasonal color during the heat. Caladiums, Coleus, Lantana, Penta, Celosia, Angelonia, & Salvia do great this time of year.

When working in your yard this summer start in the early morning, drink lots of water and take breaks.

Seasonal Color Tips

“Deadhead” or remove the dead or spent blooms on your seasonal flowers. This will encourage more flowering and improve the general appearance of the overall plant.

Reapply a monthly fertilizer to your seasonal color to encourage blooms.

Summer annual color still available.

Be careful in the heat. A lot of chemicals have temperature restrictions so READ THE LABEL before spraying this time of year. If you have not applied a pre-emergent to your lawns and flowerbeds. Do it now! Every three months is key!


Nutsedge is an aggressive weed this time of year. Don’t pull it! Pulling it will cause it to spread. Instead, apply SedgeHammer. The new formula includes the surfactant. Mix with water and apply. Sedgehammer doesn't affect any other trees or shrubs.

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