Cut back Knock Out Roses


We recommend cutting back Knock Out Roses and Drift Roses 3 times a year. February is the time to cut these roses the hardest. You can cut Knock Outs back to 12” and do not have to leave foliage below
the cut.

Proper pruning allows the roses to flush and become full, well shaped and full of blooms.
NEW- White Drift Roses available this Spring.!!
Our Louisiana weather can be unpredictable. We recommend waiting until the middle of March to prune back any other shrubs or winter damage in your yard.

Prune your Crepe Myrtles


Crepe Myrtles bloom on new growth BUT there is no need to butcher your trees to get more blooms. Pruning correctly prevents turning a beautiful Crepe Myrtle into ugly stumps. Follow these simple tips for proper pruning.
*Never cut more than 12– 15” off of each branch.
*Never cut a branch that is larger than a pencil.
*Prune any suckers coming from the base.
*You can also prune any side branches growing from the main trunk, but be selective.
Correct pruning can create a well spaced main branch with nice bark and beautiful blooms.


If you see signs of sooty mold, white flies, or fungus be sure to treat it now. BUT it is best to use a preventative!!
Using a systemic in early spring will prevent these issues later in the year.

There is still time to spray a combination of atrazine and weed free zone on your lawn weeds.

Please check out our February newsletter, and contact us if you have any questions about these products.


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