Planting: How to Step by Step
-Lay out your flower beds.
-Remove all grass and weeds.
-Till up existing soil.
-Add 4-6” of additional loose soil.
-Lay out plant material and install leaving 1” of the rootball above grade.
-Back fill the hole and add 2” of mulch.


Winter weather: Can a frost damage your plants?
Tropicals and new plants that are not well established are particularly vulnerable to cold weather during the winter. When temperatures are consistently below freezing the frost could damage your plants.

Advice: Water your plants well then cover them with a blanket or towel. Remove the blanket mid morning the next day.

Winter is an ideal time to install new trees and shrubs. Cooler weather allows the new plants to grow and become established before the heat of our Louisiana summers.

The key to success is not to plant the shrub or tree too deep!! Planting too deep causes the hole to hold water and the roots of the plant can rot. Keep your plants well drained!!!

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