— Time to Fertilize….AGAIN—

Apply a slow-release granular like 13.6.6. around the base of the plant to promote growth. We offer our specially blended fertilizer in 2 sizes. 25# and 50#

September is the time to reapply the same slow release granular to all your trees, shrubs and flowering plants.

Benefits of this late fall application, include better fall/ winter color; earlier spring green up and improved overall health of your trees and shrubs.


Due to our South Louisiana climate we recommend waiting until October to apply the GroSmart Fall step or a winterizer to your lawn.

This product should be applied during the cooler fall months.


Herbicides and Insecticides

The key to weed prevention is continued application of a Pre-Emergent herbicides. Apply every 3 months year round.

Dimension is a pre-emergent herbicide used in ornamental landscape areas, and established lawns. Apply to your flowerbeds and lawns to prevent weed seeds from germinating.
This can be applied over your existing landscape.

Bug Blaster is a broad spectrum insecticide that controls insect and pests in lawns and landscapes. Bug Blaster should be applied throughout your yard to control fire ants, fleas, ticks, mole crickets, chinch bugs, crane flies, scorpions, and other listed pests.

Treats over 75 insects


Webworms are causing havoc in lawns around town.

The damage looks a lot like brown patch or a fungus but it must be treated with an insecticide not a fungicide. The LSU agriculture article is available on our Facebook page if you would like to read more.

Apply an insecticide like Talstar or Bug Blaster to your entire lawn to treat it.

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