Aphids-These soft bodied insects reproduce very rapidly. They cause distorted leaves and exude a honeydew causing sooty mold to grow. You must spray every 7 days with an insecticide to control.

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Sooty Mold-This black colored fungus grows on the dew secreted by aphids. Sooty mold is an aesthetic problem and doesn't harm the plant. You have to treat your insect problem first then apply a systemic to prevent it from happening.

Lichen-A combination of an alga and a fungus growing in patches. Lichen grows on stagnant plants & trees that are not actively growing. It
is not extremely harmful to the plant but is a sign of lack of fertilizer. Apply a 13.6.6. spring, summer, fall.

Scale-A small insect that feeds by sucking sap from plants, weakening the plant and eventually killing them. It can cause yellowing, stunted growth and dead leaves. Trim the infected areas and spray with an insecticide or dormant oil.

White Flies-These are unsightly and destructive pests. White flies cause yellowing, mold, poor growth. They reproduce and spread quickly, requiring prompt attention. Apply insecticidal soap in the early morning or late evening every few days.


Worms & caterpillars have been especially bad this season. These insects can defoliate a plant quickly. They are common on azaleas as well as plants located under larger trees.

We recommend using a Thuricide. Apply at least 2 applications 7 days apart.

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